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Our Boutique Hotel Casablanca BCW Chile is located in a privileged location and excellent connectivity to the port of Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Santiago and 13 Viñas of the Casablanca´s Valley Wine Route, with Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot, offering an attractive and longer stay in the valley. Allowing to know, enjoy, taste, breathe in deep connection with the wine and country world of the valley.


Accommodation capacity: 23 passengers

Check in: After 15:00 pm.

Check out: Until 12:00 a.m.



• 10 exclusive rooms

• 3 rooms enabled for children's accommodation

• Each of 270 sq Ft of surface area or more

• Private bathroom with boxshower

• Satellite TV with HD Smart TV Screen 40 "

• Safe box

• Acoustic isolation

• Inclusive rooms; people with low mobility

• Central heating with temperature regulation per room



• Twin and Super King beds

• High-end mattresses, hypoallergenic microfiber down

• Pillow menu

• 300 thread count sheets

• White towels of 700 gr



• Free Internet and WIFI service throughout the hotel

• Touch screen, provide tourist information of the área (not available at this moment)


GASTRONOMY /RESTORANT (Awarded 3° in the Great Wine Capital Competition 2O17-2O18)

• Gourmet and organic buffet breakfast:  quality / variety

• Evening Snack, various types of Sandwich and salads

• Honesty Bar available

• Honesty coffe available

• Tasting of wines from La Casona and associated Boutique winemakers

• Breakfast service in the dining room from 7:00 am to 10:00 am

• Evening Refreshment service in the dining room from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm



• Pool  430 sqFt , 4.92 Ft  deep,  with hydromassage

• Artificial lagoon and gardens

• Outdoor terrace with lounge chairs and awnings

• Armchairs in different spaces, contemplation and rest

• 2 hot tubs, capacity 4 to 6 person each

• Sauna for 2 people



• Personalized and bilingual treatment, English-Spanish

• Transportation service, tourism and any other request

When registering in your Check-in at reception or prior reservation



• Free inside the enclosure

• 20 parking spaces



• Bicycle rental all day.

• Routes to travel the area

• Trekking route map


CONVENTION CENTER (Enabled in January 2018)

• 2 Meeting and Conference Rooms; Kimey and Newén

• Rooms of 1292  sqFt each

• Hotel Lounge available up to a maximum of 20 people, for  companies teams  with accommodation (AVAILABLE)



Check in: From 15:00 pm.

Check out: Until 12:00 a.m

Our Mansion

The property of the actual mansión belonged to the  Fundo Valle Hermoso de Casablanca, Chile, being the administration house of the estate;  Was built at the end of the  XX  and begining of the  XXI.  On the 7O´s it was acquired by the Silva Diaz familiy, who by the date Mr Pedro Silva Diaz was the former  manager of the  country property. That  sale was in gratitude for loyalty showed for his owners Mrs. Pelagia Aldunate Lyon.

Lucia Quintino y Rodrigo Mujica, the actual owners of the mansión have decided to get out of the profesional world to undertake a new service road, in which persons are the center of their attention   and at the same time they want to contribute  and  complement Casablanca´s  wine turism and Poets Coast route.  

They also want to collaborate with the organizations that require a tranquil place and go off  the great cities,  to acomplish conversations, planification, team work, management leadership and executive coaching.

Our mansión stands in a tipical chilean location, country  styled, called Lagunillas, considered “patrimonial treasure  of Casablanca, Chile”, a tipical place  inside the wine route of the valley, that dates from colony  times.


This house was totally restored  to be in its best form to recieve turist and/or visitors on one of our 1O rooms with 27 sq ft., each one with exclusive bathrooms  designed with refined simplicity.


The arquitecture  and interiors are designed for experiencing the chilean country life related to wine, in a renewed way:  a bed , country and wine home, with  tradition , in which their owners and all the team that work in the hotel a willing to attend our guest with passion and warmth. We are a english spoken hotel, that  will proudly  receive you,  so your stay becomes an unforgettable  experience.


In Lagunilla stands a parish, famous for the celebration of the traditional “Virgen of the Merced” every  last weekend of September of every year.  One of the most popular religious celebrations of the county.

We are located at 30 minutes of the poet route and at 15 minutes of the main vineyards of Casablanca´s Valley.  

At  65 minutes de Santiago and  35 minutes from  Valparaíso and  Viña del Mar.

Best Of Wine 

Hotel Boutique Casablanca BCW Chile has been awarded by "Best Of Wine" this November 2017 which are named by the world network of wine regions of the world, called "Great Wine Capitals" formed by the Association of Vineyard Entrepreneurs of the Casablanca Valley together with The Municipality of the Zone for promoting its cultural, innovative and excellent way towards tourism on the Casablanca wine route.

We are also been awarded with the  Third award in the category of “gastronomy” and in “wine tourism innovation”



Wine Route




Our Hotel Boutique Casablanca BCW is located in the center of the Casablanca Wine Route, a privileged location and excellent connectivity to the port of Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Santiago and winwmakers  of the Casablanca Valley Wine Route, with Pinot Noir crops , Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot, offering an attractive and longer stay in the valley.

Allowing to know, enjoy, taste, breath  in deep connection with the wine and country world of the valley


Casablanca has become one of the most important Valleys of Chile and recognized by experts, worldwide, for the strong wine development of the last 20 years which has allowed to produce, among others, notable Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Privileged land and climate, hand in hand with professional and technical excellence.


Today the Casablanca Valley has become the tenth World Wine Capital. Among the nine countries already included in the prestigious list are Bilbao-Rioja, Bordeaux, Christchurch-South Island, Cape Town, Florence, Mainz-Rheinhessen, Mendoza, Porto and San Francisco-Napa Valley. Today, Chile and particularly the Casablanca Valley are already part of the select group and it is stronger than ever.


The Casablanca Valley of Chile is located just 1 hour from Santiago and 30 minutes from Valparaíso, and is currently one of the main premium wine regions of Chile. Thanks to the development of high quality wines and first class gastronomy, Casablanca has become one of the main tourist destinations in Chile


LAGUNILLAS, center of the Casablanca Wine Route

The Locality of Lagunillas is located in the Commune of Casablanca (in the Province of Valparaíso), today populated with 708 inhabitants, and is one of the 27 rural localities of the commune of Casablanca, being developed initially to the eaves of the old Way of the Inca, as Inn, stop and supply of road wagons. Today it is a peaceful town near the route to the central coast and port of San Antonio.


Lagunillas and its surroundings have records of human settlement for approximately 10,000 years. The archaeological remains found are surprising because of their antiquity, as are the famous stones called "las tacitas", which historians calculate, dating from the American Neolithic period.


Through Lagunillas, one of the branches of the "Camino del Inca" passed, which was later used by Spanish settlers to move between Santiago and Valparaíso, when the large wagons could not make the trip along the Casablanca route, whose pass was through the Zapata slope. For this reason it was called the "Road of the Carreta". The trip began in Santiago to Melipilla and later it was reached by Ibacache to Lagunillas and from there to Casablanca.


It is also said that Casimiro Marcó del Pont, the Spanish governor who ruled between 1815 and 1817, fled along this road, having to face the resurgence of the revolutionary activities of the Chilean patriots, led by Bernando O'Higgins, who finally expelled the realists in 1818.

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